About the Department

  • In ancient time surgery was performed without anesthesia by Sushruta in 600 BC.  He wrote books on surgery “Susrutha Samhita”. His books described methods of examination, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of various illnesses. He also described operative techniques of surgery.  He was known as father of surgery. Chinese surgeon Hua Huo had developed surgery and performed surgery with the help of anesthesia so he was known as father of surgery. Recently surgical procedures developed tremendously to control bleeding, infection and pain. In modern era surgery developed to minimum invasive procedures like laparoscopic surgery & even organ transplantation.

    Year of Establishment : BDS - 2008
    Yearly Intake : BDS - 100 Seats

H.O.D.'S Foreword

We are doing our best to improve departmental work and teaching. Our efforts will be to give best results in the examination of 3rd BDS in this subject by keeping the harmony and synchrony in the staff members and students.

HOD, General Surgery

Mission Statement

To provide specialty general surgical care to the under privileged rural and tribal population and to impart basic surgical knowledge to the undergraduate students.